La Storia di Villa Antona Traversi

Wedding planner, Banqueting, Flower Design

Exclusive location for all the day

Exclusive location for all the day

For weddings, parties and and corporate events the whole villa is available for all the day, with the possibility of agreeing on departure time. It is possible to choose between various solutions for the aperitif, the lunch or the sitting dinner, the dancing and the after party. In case of rain or uncertain weather, the villa – thanks to the large arcades of the Cloister – allows you to accommodate up to 350 guests indoors while remaining outside, without necessarily having to resort to tensile structures or similar solutions.
In winter months, the large heated area (over 500 square meters including Chorus room , Limonera and a part of the Cloister) allows you to organize the reception even for numerous guests.


Banqueting in house


The banqueting service is guaranteed by a structure inside the villa, with more than twenty years of experience in organizing weddings and events. Starting from a rich menu offer, there is always the possibility to customize the reception and provide thematic corners and special buffets. It is possible to choose between various organizational solutions (aperitif prolongèe, light lunch, gala dinner, cocktail, after dinner with open bar etc.) with a wide range of table equipments, glasses and accessories. There are also special menus for vegetarians, vegans and celiac guests.


Flower Design and style

An internal staff takes care of the floral decoration. It is possible to customize every space and every moment, from dinner to the thematic corners, with favorite flowers and colors.


Civil ceremony

Together with the reception it is possible to organize the civil ceremony directly in the villa, every first and third Saturday of the month (morning)and every second and fourth Thursday of the month (morning and afternoon).


Wedding planner

An exclusive consulting service will help you to plan every single detail of the wedding reception and to choose the best partners.


Corporate events and business meetings

For companies, it’s possible to diversify the various moments of the convention with an area dedicated to the conference and another to the business lunch or the gala dinner. It’s also possible to organize specific exhibition spaces and dedicated areas.