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Prescriptions for the visit of Church of Saint Victor during Covid-19 emergency.

In compliance with DPCM 17/05/2020 and Ordinance no. 547 of the Lombardy Region, the visit of the Church of Saint Victor will take place in the manner indicated below, which are added to the general prescriptions enacted. We thank visitors for respecting these instructions.

Entrance to the Church will be allowed only to people registered for the visit through the appropriate form on this site.

To access the Church it is necessary to follow the marked route and comply with the following requirements:

1. At the entrance of the Church, a sanitizing gel will be placed to clean your hands before entering.

2. The visit includes an obligatory route delimited by special signalers.

3. In the Church there will be chairs equal to the number of visitors, positioned at security distance.

4. At the end of the visit, visitors must exit following the indicated path.

It is not allowed to take photographs and video footage inside the Church with any type of device (camera, video camera, mobile phone, tablet).

For any information or clarification, you can contact the Amici dell’Arte at the email address or at the contacts indicated on the website .